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Island Smoke™ – XXL

<span style=”color: #405f91;”>Island Smoke™ – XXLspan>

 ISLAND SMOKE™ – discreet zone intended for well-deserved relaxation or creative thinking. ISLAND SMOKETM can be your world – your private area which can be used in a truly versatile fashion.

For wide usage of ISLAND SMOKE™ this zone is appreciated by all – smokers and non-smokers alike! – and can be a perfect complement to any area where people gather – trade shows/fairs, conference centers, sporting grounds, discotheques, car delaerships, shopping centers, etc.

Technical parameters

Width of enclosure: 5,00 m

Length of enclosure: 8,00 m

Height of enclosure: 2,70 m

Weight: 600 kg

Double door width: 2,47 m