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Rails for Enclosures and Retractable Roofs


Pojezdové dráhy

We offer enclosures with rails


IPC mostly uses flat 1.5cm high rails – they are easy to walk on, no sharp edges and have elegant design. Rails are made from anodized or powder coated aluminium profiles. The track is fixed to level base horizontally, vertically or slanting – against the walls of the house. The number of guide rail tracks corresponds to the number of segments that make up the pool enclosure. The pool enclosure can be fitted with a solar-powered electric shifting system.

We offer 4 basic types of rails:

1. STANDARD – most European manufacturers offer a similar type

2. COMFORT, PROGRES – – elegant products, developed on the basis of our own know-how

  • COMFORT track with a height of 15 mm is used for swimming pool enclosures up to 6.25 m wide, for wider pool enclosures use PROGRES (height 15 mm).
  • COMFORT and PROGRES – thanks to their shape, these tracks do not hamper movement of people around the swimming pool, and the small grooves on their surface prevent slipping.
  • So as to reduce the width of the rails, it is possible to repeat segments.
  • Only 1 model of swimming pool enclosure – Riviera, is without rails.
  • A special track is used for the Orient circular swimming pool enclosure.
  • The PROGRES rack is an up-to-date and useful modification of the KOMFORT track. Its width is easily adjustable in dependence on the inclination angle of the travel profile.
  • Track rails are attached to the concrete foundation or paving by means of plastic hammering dowels with a length of 8 mm. The number of dowels and their length depends on the construction readiness of the background of the rails. It is necessary to rinse out the rails with a flow of water before attaching them to the foundation.
  • The KOMFORT track is an excellent solution! It is the best choice thanks to its special design and properties, but to achieve the optimum effect it requires a very flat surface around the swimming pool. Automatic fixing of enclosure segments for this system is done in two variants: KOMFORT and KOMFORT PLUS

Rail system STANDARD

Rail system STANDARD is a classic pipe rail, it is common and universal type of guide rail with 28 mm height.

STANDARD Dráha standard nákres
No. of rails 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
58 120 198 260 338 400 478

Rail system COMFORT 15mm

New and elegant type of guide rail with height of 15mm – flat an low. Easy and safe walking (with anti-skidding surface).

Materiály pojezdových drah Komfort Pojezdová dráha KOMFORT
Dráha komfort nákres
No. of rails 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
74 144 214 284 354 424 494

Rail system PROGRES

New and variable model of 15mm height – very useful modification of COMFORT guide rails. Width of the guide rails PROGRES is necessary to be consulted with manufacturer.

Pojezdová dráha PROGRES Materiály pojezdových drah Progres
Dráha progras nákres
No. of rails 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
99 194- 204 289- 309 384- 414 479- 519 574- 624 669- 729