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Neo Line

NEO™ Line

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We hereby introduce a new product range within our swimming pool enclosure collection. This series was created based on client requests to combine comfort of swimming under the enclosure along with esthetic technical features so as to blend harmoniously as a whole into one’s garden.

This concept was developed as an independent enclosure series which is recognizable by its rounded profile design, which simultaneously combines security and esthetics. Thus, safety and sturdiness are ensured. Furthermore, with the exception of IMPERIA NEOTM – light, all models within this series are equipped with the new EASP-UP locking system. Ease and comfort of handling (no more bending over when (un)fastening enclosure segments) are guaranteed thanks to EASY-UP!

<span style=”color: #748795; font-family: ‘Trebuchet MS’, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold;”>NEO™ Line

%Retractable Openable Roofs %Retractable Roofs, Pool and Spa EnclosuresELEGANT NEO™
%Retractable Openable Roofs %Retractable Roofs, Pool and Spa EnclosuresIMPERIA NEO™ light
%Retractable Openable Roofs %Retractable Roofs, Pool and Spa EnclosuresUNIVERSE NEO™
%Retractable Openable Roofs %Retractable Roofs, Pool and Spa EnclosuresTROPEA NEO™
%Retractable Openable Roofs %Retractable Roofs, Pool and Spa EnclosuresLAGUNA NEO™