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<span style=”font-family: Verdana; font-size: 11px; line-height: 19px; text-align: justify; background-color: #ffffff;”>Olympic is a trully unique enclosure – the main feature is one semi-dome round part on one end of the enclosure. Its structure consists of semi-dome (round part) which can be widely open and central part which is classic telescopic enclosure. The rail system facilitates the sliding of all segments in both directions. The enclosure can be opened and closed by one or two persons (depending on the size of the structure)

Technical parameters

  • Width of enclosure:5,00 – 11,0 m
  • Length of enclosure:přes 3,5 m
  • Height of enclosure:2,60 – 3,00 m
  • Number of segments:> 2


Profile surfacing:

elox C-0 (silver)RAL 9006
white RAL 9010RAL 9010
beige RAL 1015RAL 1015
anthracite DB 703DB 703
brown - antiqueantique


twin-wall transparent NO DROP, thickness 8 mm, UV protection on one side, U=3,3 W/m2 K twin-wall transparent NO DROP, thickness 8 mm, UV protection on one side, U = 3,3 W/m2 K

Leading lines

leading lines in the length of the respective segments of an enclosure
PROGRES - height 15 mm

PROGRES – height 15 mm, colour – natural elox, antique brown or beige RAL 1015


COMFORT – COMFORT with automatic anchoring system COMFORT including system CATUS (Surface natural elox C-O silver, brown elox or beige RAL 1015)

  • 1 door according to the client´s request
  • round part 1pc by the biggest segment double movable part of the round part, opening from the middle to the edges
  • movable segments, length of segments between 2 000 – 2 550 mm