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Policy and Quality Systems

Politika řízení jakosti

Company Policy and Quality Control

Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd is a professional company engaged in the development, manufacture and installation of retractable roofs, skylights, telescopic swimming pool enclosures and also versatile spa enclosures. Our sound reputation is supported by many years of building a company based on honesty and a unusually high level of customer service. Quality management systems (QMS) and environmental management systems (EMS) are an integrated part of the overall corporate management system. Our company management is committed to continuously improving the efficiency of our integrated management system, particularly through the setting of objectives & targets, various programs and control mechanisms.

Quality Management:

  • Fulfillment of the requirements and desires of our clients constitute the fundamental objectives of our company. Customer satisfaction always comes first and foremost!
  • Top quality customer service is the highest provided. Furthermore, in addition to competence, our clients are greeted by our helpful and friendly staff.
  • Basic company rules & principles for employees are high; they include a positive attitude, good manners & behavior in and outside the workplace, high levels of professionalism & expertise, and reliability & honesty.
  • Our manufacturer company – Alukov is a 100% Czech with headquarters in the area where it all started and continues on today, in Orel near Chrudim (CZ), providing quality service and workmanship.
  • Our efforts are aimed at strengthening the time-honored tradition and good reputation of our company. Furthermore, we seek to expand the quality and quantity of services offered, thereby ensuring long-term company perspectives and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Our company prides itself in providing good working conditions for its employees. All employees help each other and thus strengthen the team by fulfilling assigned tasks together. To work for the company is a matter of prestige for these dedicated members.
  • In the Czech Republic Alukov is the only company in our industry to meet and be certified by such professional European standards for swimming pool enclosures as AFNOR NF P90-309. Our products were tested in research laboratories in Paris (Laboratoire National d’Essais) and received certification as to compliance with the French safety & quality standard NF P90-309.

Areas of Environmental Management:

  • Megavent is committed to continuously improving its already recognized environmental performance levels, while also maintaining and developing its business activities.
  • Maintaining healthy environmental conditions: Our company complies with all requirements and applicable laws & regulations regarding environmental protection measures and issues.
  • Megavent strives to prevent possible causes of adverse environmental effects and focuses on increasingly dealing with suppliers which also integrate EMS principles as part of their activities – or, preferably, which already have ushered in this system and have also solved such considerations as recycling and waste disposal.
  • Megavent openly communicates with the public and all other authorized bodies. We commit to always giving accurate information regarding the possible impact of our activities on the environment.
  • The primary tools used to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system on an ongoing basis are basically the identification, review & evaluation of all environmental aspects, objectives, target level values and EMS programs, to include a defined system of control mechanisms.
  • In order to maintain healthy environmental conditions, our company agrees to comply with all relevant legal requirements and related which the company is subject to and which relate to environmental aspects and cover such issues.

Our Objectives:

Our goal is to stay the market leader of retractable roofs, swimming pool and spa enclosures and to keep on bringing new technical solutions.