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Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd. – proud member of the International Association of Qualified Manufacturers and Sellers – IPC Team!

MEGAVENT as a brand has evolved over the years for its quality products and service. Established in the year 1995, at Bangalore, Karnataka, India “MEGAVENT Technologies Private Ltd”, is renowned for providing excellent performance and high quality products. It started with the range of Machine Tool Protective Equipments that include Telescopic Covers, Tubular Telescopic Cover, Aluminum Link Apron Covers, Roll Away Covers, Way Wipers, and Industrial Bellows etc…. MEGAVENT has now added two luxury premium products into its portfolio – “RETRACTABLE ROOFS” and “TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES”. MEGAVENT in 2011 entered an agreement with ALUKOV-IPC to become an all India authorized distributor of their  products, from one of the best manufacturer of Pool Enclosures in the World ‘ ALUKOV. S.A ‘. ALUKOV-IPC, spol. s r.o., was established in 1995 in Orel, Czech Republic. With the high capacity of the production plant in Orel near Chrudim it ranks among the leading manufacturers of swimming pool and whirlpool enclosures in the world. ALUKOV-IPC is a founder member and leader of the international association of qualified manufacturers and sellers, IPC (Inter Pool Cover) Team, E.E.I.G. In addition, ALUKOV S.A is the leader in innovations on the European market of pool enclosures. Each year the company offers its customers new models of pool enclosures, and new technical solutions of products enhanced with attractive components. Pool enclosures made by Alukov are exported to EU countries and other European countries, Asia, Pacific and the USA. MEGAVENT has successfully customized exiting pool enclosures range to retractable roofs and will be adding many more products in the near future, which will be essential, add more value and enhance both style and safety to human life on the whole.