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IPC Team, E.E.I.G.

Stands for European Economic Interest Group which brings together companies specializing in swimmining pool enclosure systems within the pool industry


You can also find the websites of individual members at www.poolcover-ipc.com


  • The world’s largest network of manufacturers & retailers of swimming pool enclosures.
  • An international organization dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of swimming pool enclosures, spa enclosures and  our exclusive 3Seasons™ products.
  • Present in 27 EU countries, as well as other European nations – and also Asia, America and Australia.
  • Internal know-how and international experience make up a worldwide sales network specializing in swimming pool enclosures

The Group´s Management

Jan Zitko, CEO Alukov Dries Lauwers
Jan Zitko
Prezident, IPC Team CEO
tel.: +420 469 681 488
e-mail: j.zitko@alukov.cz
Dries Lauwers
Viceprezident IPC Team
 +32 (0) 3 290 52 34
e-mail: info@axess-europe.com

Regional managers and advisors

Christophe Provost William Freis Uwe Glup
Christophe Provost
CEO Piscine Conseils,
William Frais
CEO Termatec,
Uwe Glup
CEO Alukov Deutschland
Uros Živkovič Aladar Bödök Jindřich Záhumenský
Uros Zivkovic
CEO Aquanova group,
South Europe
Aladar Bödök
CEO Aluprodukt group,
South-east Europe
Jindrich Zahumensky
CEO Alukov SK,
Alex Stonkus Pavel Koukal Alexey Shigaev
Alex Stonkus
CEO Pool&Spa Enclosures,
Pavel Koukal
Rödl & Partner, v.o.s.
Alexey Shigaev
CEO Polikarp,
Pavel Tuček Josef Šumpik Ctibor Juchelka
Pavel Tucek
Sales director,
Alukov HZ, spol. s r.o.

Josef Sumpik
Technical director,

Alukov HZ, spol. s r.o.

Ctibor Juchelka
Sales director,
Alukov HZ, spol. s r.o.
Blanka Turková Wendy a Roland Paulik
Blanka Turkova
Financial director,
Alukov HZ, spol. s r.o.
Wendy and Roland Paulik
Regional advisor
New Zealand
James Hutchins V.Purushotham
James Hutchins
Regional advisor,

IPC Team E.E.I.G. – members around the globe

Aims and Objectives of the IPC Team organization:

  • Marketing and promotion of brand products by the IPC Team.
  • Public relations covering products and members of the IPC Team.
  • Cooperation with partner companies from countries outside of the EU.
  • Coordination & cooperation of and between members of the IPC Team in terms of production, sales, marketing and information.
  • Financial and organizational support for IPC Team members in local marketing, exhibitions, advertising in electronic & print media, magazines – as well as other forms of advertising.
  • Exchange of technical, business, marketing and managerial experience among members of the IPC Team.
  • Building an information database regarding the pool industry in Europe and other continents.
  • Trend monitoring of developments within the pool industry, in particular swimming pool enclosures, so as to observe the competitive environment.
  • Creating an electronic information database for members of the IPC Team focusing on technical, promotional and photographic support documentation material
  • Strengthening the know-how of the IPC Team.
  • Creating and fostering a specific corporate identity of the IPC Team.
  • Providing a discussion platform for the members of the IPC Team in the areas of strategy, development, technology and other major goals of the association.
  • Promoting a “wellness” life-style and pool culture environment.
  • Public education in wellness, leisure culture, pools & the use of pool swimming enclosures.
  • Building and reinforcing good relations between members of the IPC Team.
  • Nurturing and developing partnerships with other associations, prominent persons, companies and interest groups operating within and outside of the IPC Team.
  • Promotion of European economic activity of and within EU countries and other continents