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Why Choose Megavent Retractable Roofs & Swimming Pool, Spa, and Patio Enclosures

Pleasure and quality


Retractable Roofs, Pool and spa enclosures bring you JOY:

1. Enclosure dramaticaly extends the swimming season from spring to autumn

2. The polycarbonate with EU Wide longerstguareantee period up to 15 years.

3. Polycarbonate is specially designed and tested for hail condition

4. UV protection to exterior side – unlike non protected polycarbonate (which most companies offer) this material will not get brittle or change colour.

5. The enclosure sections are independently key locked separetly within the track that allows the sections to glide either way on the track when unlocked. Therefore any section can be retracted left or right,she smallest within the largest and vise versa.

6. Dual sealing sytem between segments, heightened protection of your swimming pool againts natural polution. 7. IPC offers very atractive rounded profiles with unique sealing system

8. Only with telescopic enclosure you can enjoy swimming in outdoor pool on hot days … simply slide the enclosure fully off the pool. When the weather is not so kind you can transform the pool into enclosured one by sliding the enclosure back over the pool.

9. No need to clean the pool as often – pool enclousre saves your pool maintanance.

10. Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals

Retractable Roofs, Pool cover and spa enclosures care about SAFETY:

1. Swimming pool enclosure minimalisethe risk of your childern or pets falling into water

2. Lockable segments make your pool super save.

3. IPC offers lockable sliding door – no need to any type of dangerous lifting.

3. Complexed system of fixing of the enclosure against the negative influence of wind

4. Prevention of skin cancer thanks to screening of harmful UV radiation by polycarbonate

5. Securing of the swimming pool against weather influences and UV radiation

6. Proven safe system of flat rails – Komfort and Progres

5. Improvement in the water quality andreduction in the quantity of water treatment chemicals

6. Constant temperature of water in the swimming pool overnight

7. Easy and safe sliding of the whole enclosure. You can move each segment both directions (segments are not locked into each other)

8. Capturing of heat resulting from solar radiation or from additional heating of water, reduction of costs of water heating and prevention of thermal losses

10. Free and environmentally-friendlywater heating in dependence on the solar radiation intensity

Prevence vzniku rakoviny kůže díky odstínění škodlivého UV záření polykarbonátem

Zadržení tepla vytvořeného slunečním zářením

Prodloužení koupací sezony od jara do podzimu

Možnost plného uzamčení zastřešení - „dětská pojistka“

Komplexní systém aretování zastřešení proti negativním účinkům větru

Zabezpečení bazénu proti povětrnostním vlivům a UV záření


Realiability – one of the features you expect from your retractable roof/pool cover.

1. A reliable and durable way of sealing of polycarbonate boards in the aluminium structure

2. Reinforced structure of sections for the front walls

3. Reduction in damage to the pool caused by winter weather

5. Warranty period up to 15 years

6. Comprehensive customer care, pre-sale and after-sale service

Aesthetics is very important feature to fit the retractable roof/pool cover into your home.

1. Bespoke enclosures

2. Individual solution and optimum model for your swimming pool

3. Range of colours of aluminium sections

4. Range of colours and types ofpolycarbonate fillings

5. Elegant hidden solution of technologicaljoints

6. Clean and professional workmanship of the products

7. Option of combining 10 mm twin-walled polycarbonate with compact 4 mm polycarbonate

Protiskluzová úprava pojezdových drah

Vysoká odolnost dle norem iso a NF P90-309

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Výhody zastřešení

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