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Easy Up Above-ground locking system

Easy Up Above-ground locking system

World-breaking Development!!!
EASY-UP is a unique technical solution for more convenient handling of pool enclosures.
Exclusively available on ALUKOV models marketed by IPC Team.


ALUKOV HZ starts the New Year off right and presents its lastest innovation for the 2011 season! It has already been acclaimed with great consumer acceptance as demonstrated by visitor enthusiasm at our showcase stand at the Eurexpo Lyon 2010 trade exhibition in France. In keeping with Alukov´s philosophy of continual product innovation, the beginning of the 2011 sales season features a new development with the addition of a unique and exclusive technical solution for the locking and un-locking of individual enclosure sections — from higher up: EASY-UP (registered brand name).
This truly unique solution — which meets AFNOR security standards — provides users of our newly produced models exceptional comfort in terms of locking and un-locking of enclosure segments. Unlike existing fastening systems currently available throughout the industry, EASY-UP is the first fully integrated upper-positioned control system located at a height of about 60 to 90 centimeters above the ground, depending on the height of the enclosure model itself. EASY-UP thus allows for more convenient handling of the segments by the user, without having to bend down towards the bottom of the enclosure (as has been the case industry-wide up until now).

This solution is in keeping with the latest trends in modern curve and colorful designing — and is a natural extension of the streamlined, rounded design of ALUKOV’s NEOTM line. Needless to say, this innovation further enhances the safety features of this product range.
This exclusive innovation is available throughout Europe via IPC Team distribution retail points (started February 1, 2011) It was officially launched in the Czech Republic as of Mar. 1.
EASY-UP is included as a standard feature in the basic price/product description for all models manufactured by ALUKOV HZ within the NEO ™ range (except for the IMPERIA NEOTM – LIGHT model).

Extending the advantages of the basic EASY UP model, EASY UP PLUS offersimproved segment latching into both guide rails, whether mounted on the ground or on the wall of the house. The controls for the EASY UP PLUS are situated at a height of approx. 0.6 – 0.9 metres, depending on the type of model. No more complications with the enclosure base bending! Everything in one place!

Easy Up Above-ground locking system


  • Safer segment latching to prevent free movement = segments latched into both rails (on ground and on wall).
  • Ergonomic design – latches controlled all together from one point, with no bending towards base.
  • Greater resistance against strong wind.
EASY - UP detail EASY - UP detail 2

EASY-UP introduces and ushers in new mobility and operating comfort, including for such terrace/patio enclosures as the Corso NEOTM and Veranda NEOTM models.