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Retractable Roof/Enclosure guarantee

Retractable Roof/Enclosure guarantee

<span style=”color: #034ea2;”>Retractable Roof/Enclosure guaranteespan>

  1. ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM provides a 3-year warranty guaranteeing the functionality of the product, beginning on the date the enclosure is handed over to the customer.
    The handover date is stated by the manufacturer on the warranty sheet. The warranty covers defects occurring during the warranty period as a result of defects in the materials used or faults in the production process.
  2. ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM provides a 5-year warranty on the surface finish of coloured aluminium profiles.
  3. ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM provides a 7-year warranty on the static rigidity and stability of structural joins.
    Scope of warranty: the warranty covers the static rigidity and stability of structural joins manufactured in accordance with the technological and production procedures used by ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM. The manufacturer guarantees that for the duration of the warranty the structural joins will not come apart through the regular use of the product.
  4. ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM provides a 15-year warranty on single-cell and compact polycarbonate to the extent specified below by the polycarbonate manufacturer.

    Scope of polycarbonate panel warranty

    • Light transmittance will not deteriorate by more than 4% within 15 years,
    • For 15 years the rigidity of the polycarbonate panel will have a modulus of elasticity of > = 2,100 MPa,
    • The polycarbonate will not become brittle or lose strength. For 15 years the tensile strength will be > = 50 MPa,,
    • The polycarbonate will not be destroyed by hail for 15 years.

    Conditions of polycarbonate panel warranty:

    • Must not be adversely affected by connecting, fastening and sealing materials
    • Must not be heat-formed
    • May be exposed to weather only on UV side
    • The technological processes used by ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM explicitly comply with these conditions stipulated by the manufacturer of the polycarbonate panels
    • Must be protected against corrosive chemicals
    • Must not be mechanically damaged or abraded
  5. When filing a warranty claim it is necessary to present a properly completed warranty sheet.
  6. The date any warranty claim is filed, the date the enclosure is taken in for repair and the date the enclosure is returned after repair are marked on the claims sheet by the production plant.
  7. Warranty repairs may only be performed by staff of ALUKOV HZ / IPC TEAM or trained employees of other sales and assembly firms.
  8. All users are obliged to use the pool enclosure or whirlpool enclosure in accordance with the above User Guide.

Warranty 5 years

Lapse of warranty / Preclusions from warranty:

  1. Warranty claims lapse if not filed during the warranty period.
  2. The warranty does not cover damage caused by inappropriate use or improper treatment.
  3. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper assembly performed by unauthorised technicians.
  4. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors, e.g. natural phenomena (layer of snow thicker than 10 cm, hailstones larger than 2 cm in diameter, wind at a speed exceeding 100 km/h) or mechanical damage caused by a third party.
  5. The warranty becomes void with any unauthorised repair or repair performed outside the production plant, as well as failure to comply with the warranty conditions.
  6. The warranty does not cover reasonable wear and tear caused by normal use or damage caused by inappropriate rough treatment.
  7. The warranty does not cover oxidation of the surface of stainless steel and aluminium material resulting from pH values in excess of the recommended levels or free or bound chlorine in the pool water.
  8. The warranty does not cover non-standard environmental conditions.
  9. Claims concerning microscopic cracks in the anodized surface finish of profiles caused by bending and the associated colour changes to profiles will not be recognised.
  10. The warranty does not cover the build-up of condensation inside the cells of polycarbonate panels.

You can reduce the financial risk associated with damage to your retractable roof/pool or whirlpool enclosure by taking out insurance against damage caused by extraordinary weather conditions.