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Administrative instructions

Check if you need a building permission for a retractable roof/pool enclosure we will provide you with all necessary documentation (drawings, calculations or whatever the local authorities needs)

Segment positioning options

The segments of the sliding enclosure can be set placed in several different configurations. Each segment can be placed on its guide rail or in pairs on one guide rail. This enables various combinations of partially fixed and slideable segments. These combinations let you, for example, slide segments out from the middle to both edges (saving on space for guide rails) or the guide rails can be extended to move all the segments out behind the pool.

Moving segments

Retractable Roofs and Pool enclosures consist of segments which can move in both directions. The segments of the enclosure can be moved by 1 person; wider types of enclosure (from 5 m inner width) the segments should be moved by 2 people.


AntistatikumThe polycarbonate needs to be cleaned regularly in order to remove dirt from the surface. In most cases it just needs rinsing it with a stream of water. If badly soiled the dirty parts should be cleaned with soapy water or a mild detergent (e.g. Fairy liquid). When cleaning the surface of profiles use a clean sponge or soft brush, making sure they do not contain small pieces of dirt or sand. It is important not to use abrasive pastes, as they could scratch the polycarbonate surface. Also, do not use products containing benzol, gasoline, acetone, or cleaning powder. We recommend not cleaning the polycarbonate when it is hot from the sun. Do not use sharp tools to clean the retractable roof/pool enclosure.

Protecting the pool enclosure against strong wind

To prevent the retractable roof/pool enclosure from flying off in strong wind, the enclosure needs to be extended over and all the latches used to fasten it down. The front walls must also be fitted and secured, and all doors and other openings in the enclosure must be closed. We do not recommend waling in front of the roof/enclosure in strong wind. Do not enter or go near the pool enclosure in strong wind!

Protecting the enclosure against heavy snow.

Protecting against heavy snow.During winter, large quantities of snow should not be allowed to accumulate on the segments of the pool enclosure. The weight of wet lying snow is many times greater than that of fresh snow; as an example, 10 cm of wet lying snow weighs around 100 kg/m2. High and broad enclosures are particularly at risk. Snow needs to be clearedoff symmetrically, ideally from both sides at once so as not to overload one side of the structure.

Maintenance of retractable roof/pool enclosure

The materials used on the retractable roof/pool enclosure are resistant to water and moisture; the structure does not require special maintenance.