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All about Retractable Roofs & Pool Enclosures

Why to choose enclosure Alukov Enclosure advantages Adjust your enclosure Enclosure guarantee

Why to choose enclosure ALUKOV?

Enclosure advantages

Adjust your enclosure

Enclosure guarantee

  • widest offer of the models and accessories on the market
  • quality for reasonable price
  • top customer care
  • warranty up to 15years
  • and much much more why to choose enclosure by Alukov, click here…
  • thanks to the enclosure by Alukov you can enjoy your swimming pool from spring to fall
  • cost savings
  • safety reasons
  • other benefits, to see them please click here…
  • wide range of accessories
  • 4 profile colors and types of polycarbonate fillings in various colors
  • locking systems
  • other possibilities you can find by simply clicking here…
  • extended warranty by Alukov
  • the full list of the extended warranties, please click here…

ALUKOV brand is about wide range of models both swimming pool enclosures, whirlpool enclosures, retractable roofs and enclosures for terraces and for cars (Carports). Thanks to the high manufacturing quality, innovations and modern design we offer more then competitors. Let´s enjoy your new enclosure made by Alukov because …


It´s time to relax and enjoy…