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Above-ground locking system
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EASY-UP is a unique technical solution for more convenient handling of pool enclosures..


You can choose the type of your swimming pool enclosure door – we offer double or single door, centrea or off center, hinged or sliding doors, with doorstep of without. The standard door width ranges from 70 – 90 cm. If you choose low enclosure it is very practical to have side sliding door allowing access to the enclosure.

Lift-up brushes

Another pool enclosure accessory is a lift-up doorstep with brushes on the front wall.


In larger or domed enclosures it is practical to have a window for ventilation.


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Lift up end pannel

If there are any obstacles around the pool – e.g. a ladder, hydromassage, raised pool edge, ladder, roller etc. it is best to fit the enclosure with a lift-up end panel, meaning that there is no need to remove the front wall when moving segments. This way you can slide over any obstacle.

Lift-up part in front wall Lift-up brush open Lift-up brush closed
Lift Up Draft Seal in front wall Lift Up Draft Seal – Opened
Lift Up Draft Seal – Closed

Electric sliding

The electric motorised system on the enclosure consists of two drive units, a solar panel, and a remote control. The electric shifting system can also be fitted with a twilight dimmer, rain sensor, and inner thermostat.

Electric shifting Electric shifting